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The affiche artist /english


Please allow me to introduce myself….

Born in Vienna, son of the legendary and famous football coach who was nicknamed “Wödmasta
in Austria.
As youngster I grew up internationally in Paris, Holland and Belgium.
I spent over 30 years in the airline business and worked for several international airlines as director
and general manager.

My great passion for music arised in the sixties in Holland. As I heard Satisfaction on radio Veronica
in 1965 I said to my father: Daddy please I need a guitar. Not much later I had a guitar and taught
myself how to play. I sang and played guitar with several bands for many years. Among others I
was singer of the legendary “Kottans Kapelle” and the Viennese “in” band “Gorilla Gang”. During
that time some records were released. I also did some songwriting for other artists.

Due to my airline profession, I travelled to over 100 countries and found my affinity to photography.
Sitting on the banks of the Seine near the Notre Dame in 1971, I was fascinated by the affiches
( posters) of Toulouse Lautrec. When Andy Warhol did the Rolling Stones some years later, this
was just great and I felt a strong connection between music and art.
When the digital photography took over, I started working on my pictures and developed my own style: affiche art

Today I am fully dedicated to affiche art.

my shoe

(c) 2010 affiche art by ernst happel